403b / 401k vs. IUL Manual



"The (403b/401k) Manual became very
powerful for me ... What attracted me to
you originally was your ability to make
complex things more understandable.
The presentations I’ve made with it
were very convincing to people who
are actively positioning themselves to
discontinue their qualified plan
contributions in favor of IUL.  I expect
the book will be a real blessing to me in
the months to come." Dean A. / Idaho

"The 403b manual has a wealth of
information that every teacher should
be made aware of regarding planning
for their retirement."
Howard G. /  Indiana
Gregory P. / Texas
Harry S. / CA
The IUL Manual Power Point

WOW!!!  What a beautiful work of art ...
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
 Bill N. / Nevada

This Looks Great!  Mike F. / CA

Powerful!  Lee Z. / CA

Thank you very much!!! Eric S. / OK

Last Chance

Special Order Page
for the 403b/401k vs.
IUL Comparison

760 433 5432


Are you talking to anyone about life insurance?  How about Retirement Savings?  Are
you missing out on a lucrative market for Indexed Life?!
 Lipper just reported that UL sales
have dropped the most ever since 1942 -- down 27% the first 6 months of the year!  Yet
people realize they need to and are willing to save for retirement.  They also want a SAFE
place to save - returns are secondary.  
With IUL you can show them how to do BOTH!

A great market is the Educator / 403(b) / 457 marketplace (also ministers, nurses, non-
profits)!   They have good, dependable incomes and many of them save several hundred
$’s per month.  
The average Pension Alternative IUL plan sold is for $10,000 year.  If you    
design it with Option B (which you should because you’ll sell more),
your Target is about
.  If you sell only 2 per month that = $100,000 year!  If you design a plan that excites
them (usually Option B again) you will get referrals to other teachers and can 'run' the
entire school!  

One of the top agents I know makes much more than this.  All he does is show them a
comparison illustration of the difference between a QP and an IUL - it's a "no-brainer"
after that!   Another agent with a contract for a large school district makes
over $100,000
per month!  [Your prospect doesn't need to be doing a 403b to use these illustrations --
anyone doing a similar QP such as an IRA, SEP, etc. can enjoy the same benefit!]

Do you just need a “Manual” and road map to get started?  I have created this for you!

A couple companies can run part of this comparison illustration (in black and white), but
not the “best” ones.  None of them base their illustrations on actual historical IUL
and costs
.  But today's caps are likely the lowest they will ever be making for an "unfair"
apples-apples comparison against the market.  So I’ve run them based on a conservative
Lifetime average cap of (only) 16%.  
March 2012: Just updated for the first time in 3 years
with a lower Illustration Rate (less than historical average) AND IUL income projections
based on
NEW VLR Cap of 6% vs. prior historic rate of 7.5%!
Result: Actually MORE IUL Cash Value!

The illustrations are also done in easy to follow color coded charts for ages 30 - 55
(every 5 years), at 20% and 35% Marginal Tax Rates. Click here to see a sample:


But that is just the start!  It will also include a chart of the actual historical 10, 20 and 30
running gains since 1945.  This chart will reinforce for your clients who want to know,
that the basis for the comparison charts is valid.

Also included:

 1) Charts of the actual historical performance of the S&P 500.
   2) Bear Market History and effect on actual market returns.
   3) 403b contribution limits and rules (just so you know)
   4) Information on how to do a presentation at a school.
Client Power Point (optional)
   6) Articles on Tax Deferral and need for future Tax Increases.
   7) Company Ratings and other Financials.
   8) Other things that I haven’t thought of yet!

It gets better! The fringe benefit in my experience and that many other agents also tell
me happens, is this investment opens the door to work with their existing QP savings   
which creates even MORE income than the IUL!

 Also receive $401(k) employer 50% matching comparison illustrations
  (same ages & tax brackets as the 403b illustrations)
and articles.

All of this information (except the PPT) will come in a notebook with clear plastic   
presentation pages.  
The value of all of this if available elsewhere is likely over $200!

Your only other option is to pay Insmark $500 and $30 a month.  And that is just for the
illustrations.  You could create the illustrations yourself, but frankly it would take you
many hours and you don't have the programs to do it that I've had custom made to
generate the base market historical gains.

I can’t guaranty you will make six figures -- what I do know is that many agents who are
talking to teachers and showing them a comparison illustration are!  
Schools are back in
- if you are looking for another market and a way to show them why they should
consider an IUL instead here's a way to do so for only $65!  $110 with the PPT!

"Thank you, Brett.  This PPT looks
amazing and I started using it.
It really works like a charm!"
Susan I. / Alberta

403b / 401k vs. IUL Manual

Detailed Comparison Illustrations
and Articles and MUCH MORE!
Mid May I got a call from Ken S. in IL asking about the IUL vs. QP
Manual + PPT .  A couple weeks went by and on May 27th I received
an order for it and he received it about a week later.  One month later
I got a phone call from him on July 7, 2010, and he said (paraphrased
as I did not tape record it):

“Sir, I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous manual that you
put together.  The information that is in it is just awesome!  I
really didn’t have the money to buy it ($99), but I really needed
what you said it was.  I just started a job working for a co. that
makes appointments doing reviews with people who already have
policies.  None of them are much interested in spending more on
life insurance.  But I ask them ‘how about saving with no market
risk and taking out the income tax Free?’.  That has more appeal
to them.  I give them a brief overview using the comparison
illustration in the manual and ‘take it away’ saying I’ll go into it
in more detail next time with an illustration for your age.”

When I come back for the 2nd appointment my presentation is
your PPT.  Between that and the knowledge I learned from your
manual I feel like and they think I’m an IUL expert.  The cases
are a slam dunk!  My first month I was the top agent in our office
with six cases for $60,000 in annualized premium.  My goal is to
make $100,000 a month.  My brother is quitting his job to do this
too.  All the other agents and the mgr. want to know what I’m
doing and to take them on an appointment, but I’ve said ‘no’ -
your manual and PPT are my secret!  Thank you!”

Not bad for a $65 investment.
[I checked the agency and it is a real national co.]