Last Chance Retirement - the BOOKLETs!
1) Private Plans            4) New "403b"
2) Last Chance (IUL)    5) Index Annuities
3) Own Banker             6) Never Payoff Mortgage
7) The Best Way to Design Indexed Life
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Packages (see
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A) For All 34 Companies!  Co. Summary and yr-x-yr Historical Analysis Chart of
the ACTUAL CV that would have been credited for the past 20 years (1995-
based on actual credited gains and costs --  for (at least) each co.'s
best Annual Pt-Pt S&P Plan.  
 Shows annual compounded CV and IRR.

Also includes a ranking Chart of all the plans based on 20 yr CV; and a 2nd
for 40 yrs. with income for 20 years; 70 yr Running Gains history; Ratings;
Product Summary Page for each co. and IUL Features, and much MORE!

10] Reference Manual                                                                                $45
- Co. Summaries & IUL 20 year Charts
- Co. CV Illustration pages
- IUL Generic LIfetime Expense Charts
- 20 Deal Breakers
- More!

- N
otebook Binder

This is a UNIQUE Reference Manual you will NOT find anywhere else!
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IUL Reference Manual
With IUL!
"OWN BANKER" Book!        $12.95

Own Banker POWER POINT!  $29.95
Pkg: Own Banker Book AND Power Point!  $39.95

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Last Chance Retirement book!
- Own Banker book
- IUL vs. QP and Own Banker Power Points!               $170
- Reference Manual!
- 8 Booklets (1 of each).  Individual Price is $190

Reference Manual
- $45 -